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Advanced Notice of Upcoming Works

This spring and summer, St. Modwen Developments and our development partners are undertaking various infrastructure works which are likely to affect traffic and pedestrian movements around the village.  Further detail on what is happening is provided below; however, for peace of mind, we would like to confirm that complete road closures are not anticipated at any point.

Mid-March 2021:  Material Movements along Wellington Avenue

What are the works? We have a surplus of soil material that is currently sitting on the land located adjacent to the gatehouse to the Business Park.  We have found a new home for some of the material at a nearby development site.  It is important for us to stress that our technical experts have sampled and tested all the materials and we want to reassure you that none of the materials located on this land, nor any of the material that will be transported off-site are classified as contaminated. 

How long will they last? A series of trucks will be moving around 15,000 m3 of material over a period of six weeks, starting in mid-March 2021.  During this time, our contractors will use a road sweeper to ensure that the roads are kept clean and accessible.

How will residents and visitors be affected? Apart from seeing a series of trucks moving along Wellington Avenue and out of the Campden Road access, residents should not be affected by these works. 

Who can I contact for further information? Meonvaleestates@stmodwen.co.uk

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Late March 2021:  The Bus Turning Loop

What are the works? We are formalising the existing temporary bus turning loop to make this a permanent feature of the development.  The new and improved bus turning loop will include footways, signage and, ultimately, better road surfacing.  As part of this package of works, we’ll also be re-painting some of the zebra crossings, we’ll install a wheel-friendly ramp outside the Londis and we’re hoping to connect the street lighting along Bailey Avenue.

How long will the works last? The works will last about 13 weeks, so, all-being well, are scheduled to finish in mid-June 2021.

How will residents and visitors be affected? Footpath diversions will be in place and traffic management will be in operation throughout the period of the works.  The footpath diversion will be clearly signposted and accessible to all.  The contractors will be on hand to assist with helping you understand the temporary route during the course of the works.

Footpath Diversion

The traffic management plan involves a two-stage approach to ensure that the access remains operational.  All works will again be clearly signposted and the contractor will be on hand to assist, where required.

Traffic Management

Phase 1                                                                             

Phase 2

Who can I contact for further information? meonvaleestates@stmodwen.co.uk
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Late Spring / Early Summer 2021:  Utilities for our new Primary School

What are the works? Our new village primary school (Tudor Grange Primary Academy) is scheduled to open in September 2021. Ahead of it’s opening, we will be working with our partners to communicate the new travel plan with all residents and visitors.  In the meantime, the school will require new utility connections to be laid.  This summer, a new electricity cable will be laid from the existing substation close to the cricket pavilion and across Bailey Avenue to ensure the school has an electricity supply.  In addition, a water diversion will also be undertaken along the same stretch of Bailey Avenue and the new surface water outlet conduit will be installed into the brook adjacent to the greenway.

How long will they last? All utility connection works are likely to have been completed by the end of August 2021.  We can’t give you specific dates for these works yet, as these will be undertaken by statutory undertakers – as soon as we have definitive dates we can let you know.  Rest assured that all works will be clearly signposted and you can contact us at any point to ask questions.

How will residents and visitors be affected?  All roads and footpaths should remain accessible during the works although temporary traffic management and routes may be required for a short period.

Who can I contact for further information? meonvaleestates@stmodwen.co.uk
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